What makes me the ideal candidate for your front-end solutions?


I work with the latest HTML and CSS techniques. This means I can work efficiently, as programming languages are continuously improved.


Another expertise of mine is javascript. I am particularly experienced in jquery. Javascript can make your product look unique, responsive and functional.


CSS Preprocessors help me to work more effectively and efficiently. They help me to prevent double coding and it makes the code easier to adjust.

About me

My aim is to become a specialized front end web developer

My name is Danny Brouwer. I was born in 1995 and I live in The Netherlands. I graduated as an Application Developer in june 2016. I decided to start as a front end developer since I have always been interested in web development and IT in general.

I was lucky to be hired as a front end web developer at a web development company in Rotterdam as soon as I graduated. To keep everyone who is interested up-to-date, I decided to post my best work on this website, being my online portfolio.

I am always looking for opportunities to improve myself as I would like to specialize in front-end development. Please contact me if any help is needed with front-end development challenges. I am more than willing to help out!

  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • Sass